Our Services
Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for young people and presentation of business models in a Shark Tank activity.

The project revolves around a five-day Boot Camp where experts and established entrepreneurs share the skills required for any start-up business. Participants form start-up groups and create their business model on their idea and present it to professional entrepreneurs and investors for feedback in a Shark Tank activity.

The iBoot Camp project is implemented by Women in Business NGO and supported by the Embassy of the United States in Yerevan. The objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of the talented youth living in throughout Armenia.
A 1-month training and networking program for students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, to set goals based on personal strengths and to create basis for implementation of those life-long goals.

The first objective of the program is to develop students' entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and to raise their awareness on entrepreneurship. The second objective is to reveal personal strength and to set life-long goals based on those strengths. During the training course, participants learn a lot of tools to increase self-effectiveness and to perform better in different aspects of their lives – education, job, business etc.
The program is designed for students from different universities of Armenia.
Local Value Chain Development (LVCD) project model helps producers increase their incomes by working together in groups to better understand and connect to markets, thereby increasing their profitability.

Key components of the LVCD model are:

1. Participatory Market Analysis.
2. Producers work collaboratively.
3. Producers are empowered with knowledge and skills.
4. Links are facilitated.
We have elaborated books – on marketing, financial literacy, group management – for those who want to learn the topics easily irrespective of their educational background and experience.

Working with people of different ages, educational background, profession and occupation, from Yerevan and different regions of Armenia, we have decided to elaborate the books in a way which is understandable for everybody.
The reader will not find any definitions, complex formulas, scientific classifications and difficult models in the books. The books don't aim to provide the reader with theoretical knowledge but are created to provide simple advice and ideas which will help the readers to better sell their products/services, quickly advance in the market and manage their finances in an effective way.
Training and networking events for young people to learn innovative tools and knowledge and to share their experience with each other – thus feeling that they are not alone in their self-development journey.

We periodically organize free-of-charge training and networking sessions for young people who are interested in increasing their knowledge and sharing thoughts and experience with each other. This initiative is to support those who are working on their self-development and want to connect with other young people of different professions.
So far, we have organized a lot of free training sessions and networking events, some of which are listed below:
• The Art of Listening
• Self-branding
• Emotional Intelligence
• Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
• The 20/80 Principle etc.
Eventarium is Alvarium's project which aims to bring innovative knowledge of different countries to Armenia.

These trainings are for those who:
1. want to better understand people: define internal emotions of a person through external characteristics, foresee behavior of a person and understand the motives;
2. want to become the best in his/her professional field: management sales, marketing, education, law, public speeches etc.;
3. own a business and want to strengthen managerial skills such as motivation of employees, delegation of responsibilities, general management of the business