International agencies

The ICMPD Office, together with the Migration Service, has launched a new program supporting Armenian migrants returned either voluntarily or involuntarily from EU member countries. In this important social program of the European Return and Reintegration Network, Alvarium acts as a consulting party with its valuable contribution to the project by providing a range of services; financial planning, consulting and monitoring, assistance, presentation of business plans and coaching.
International agencies

The Local Governance Programme South Caucasus, together with the Government of Armenia, launched a pilot project of the Territorial and Administrative reform. Under the project, Alvarium was to gather demographic data on population and demographic forecast, provide economic trends analysis and organize workshops for locals to identify initiatives for supporting smoother transition phase of the Reform.
International agencies

We enjoyed three cooperation projects with ADB as described below.

Within the project of evaluation of ADB support for small and medium enterprises by the Independent Evaluation Department (ADB IED), Alvarium provided in-country support and consultation of the evaluation team. As a consulting party, Alvarium assisted the evaluation team by preparing an overview of the country's SME sector with a summary of major sector issues and constraints, the policy and legal frameworks, institutions, donor support, and sector performance.

In the second project of the ADB IED, Alvarium acted as the country program evaluation coordinator carrying review and analysis of the efficient usage of investments provided to transport, urban, energy, and other sectors. Within the scope of the project Alvarium provided support for conducting a country partnership strategy final review validation for Armenia.

In the third project of undertaking an ex-post evaluation of the Water Supply and Sanitarian Project in Armenia, conducted by (IED) of the Asian Development Bank, Alvarium, as the national consultant provided local support to the project performance evaluation report.

International agencies
WV Armenia

WV Local Value Chain Development aimed to assist producers to generate higher and sustainable income, organized series of events to mobilize producers and empower them with skills. In frames of this project, Alvarium conducted a series of training courses, held group management, negotiations, marketing, and branding tools, financial management, etc.

The project of the "EU4Tourism: Community-driven rural tourism and cultural activities in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor marzes" was aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals and organizations that are part of the tourism value chain in the region. For the project, Alvarium developed training modules, conducted market analysis, provided business planning, financial management, and customer service courses.

In search of new ways of developing tourism in the region, the project of "EU4Tourism: Community-driven rural tourism and cultural activities in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor marzes" identified historical and archaeological sites as additional interests for guests. To organize proper utilization of the resource and develop proper guidelines, Alvarium analyzed the archaeological game in the region, developed the guidebook and the brand of the archaeological game, organized presentation and short-term training.

The next direction of tourism in the region within the framework of the project of "EU4Tourism: Community-driven rural tourism and cultural activities in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor marzes" is the development of agro-tourism products, as new means of attracting guests. To fulfill the project, Alvarium analyzed touristic resources to reveal competitive advantages of the region, developed and organized presentation of the two agritourism products.

International agencies

The "OxYGen" Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights developed a new marketing strategy for Armenian cooperatives within the project of "Forest Fruits Markets for Women". To improve the lives of communities involved, Alvarium developed and presented the strategies to reveal the marketing potential of non-timber forest products, strategies to find new markets and the ways to meet the market demand.

International agencies

Armenian National Union of YMCA organized several camps in remote regions of the country involving their communities. Alvarium provided business consultancy for the elaboration of camp business models in Pambak and Vardenis communities. Within the framework of the program, Alvarium provided investment plans and multiple scenarios of development for camps.

International agencies

For years UNIDO, together with the Government of Armenia, carried out numerous programs in different areas, including the program of Productive work for youth in Armenia, involving young girls and women aged 18 to 35 years. The program aimed to promote women entrepreneurship got hundreds of women with business ideas involved. Alvarium carried out a series of events within the project, including data collection, investigation and analysis of business ideas, that could promote the creation of business networks between female entrepreneurs.

International agencies

WiBIF iBoot camp, supported by USAID, taking place in Armenia gathered together those individuals who had little to no business experience. For a couple of days, participants learned how to structure business ideas. The team of Alvarium carried out training sessions within WiBIF iBoot Camp by providing the participants with essential tools and knowledge to conceptualize a business idea.

International agencies

One Village One Product (OVOP) by JICA aimed to support enterprises in the regions to start businesses, create new brands and improve technological concepts. To effectively integrate OVOP methods and tools into the working mechanism two different approaches and toolkits for support of start-up businesses and established competitive enterprises were developed and carried out a program to train experts and trainers for effective implementation of the developed mechanism.