The driving force of every community lies in its obvious and hidden competitive advantages. Our professional team hand-in-hand with you will reveal and evaluate the economic development potential of your community, will further develop the strategy for achieving the desired outcome as well as suggest the implementation action plan.
Economic Analysis of Communities
Branding and Promotion of a Local Product
Economic Analysis of Communities
The lack of economic activity in communities often leads to youth emigration, agricultural decline and absence of entrepreneurial activity. One of the best options to prevent these problems is the Economic Analysis of Communities.

Understanding the current economic situation in a community will give you a clue to implement such programs and activities which support the economic development, ensure the competitive advantage and maximum efficiency of programs.

Our experienced specialists are ready to help you

● to map community resources
● to discover and ground the absolute and relative competitive advantages of communities
● to discover local active players
● to receive efficient offers of economic development initiatives based on the analysis of the community

We will reveal the entire image of a community, will choose an optimal strategy based on the competitive advantages of the community together with you.
Branding and Promotion of a Local Product
Every community is distinguished by its economic structure, nature, traditions, resources and of course, people. Correspondingly, local products and services are also different.

Every product, service, and business that are similar to each other at first sight has its profile, hidden attraction and background. The brand is created relying on these features which often becomes an inseparable part of a customer's background and lifestyle.

If you want to promote the product specific to that community by maintaining its attractiveness and unique features, our experts will help you

● to reveal the uniqueness of your product/service/business
● to create your brand and its visual expression
● to develop a marketing strategy and marketing (promotional) plan
● to create communication materials, develop a unique offer and message of your sale

The scope of the above-mentioned services is not limited. We will provide a comprehensive approach to the branding and promotion of your local product by offering creative and unique solutions that will make local brands a memorable part of your customer's background.
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