Effective tools and approaches to personal progress and self-education

Personal progress and self-education are effective when applying correct and proper approaches. In this section, you will find internationally-based, current and future-oriented, regularly updated toolkits that will help visualize your personal growth path.
Our team is ready to develop your own path of self-development in tight collaboration with you.
Personal profiling
Personal profiling
The better an individual knows himself the more agile and effective he can be in various situations. Profiling will give you an opportunity to discover yourself by adopting the most favorable methods and techniques of self-development.

Personal profiling is a set of methods of shaping and evaluating a psychological image. It enables you to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of an individual in no time, identify restrictive perceptions, as well as to improve behavior by effectively applying it in practice.

Within the framework of Personal profiling service our specialists will help you

● to build your psychological image and discover your characteristics
● to understand your strengths and weaknesses
● to find the most effective ways for your continuous self-development.

Due to it

● you will enhance the level of communication
● you will discover the capacity of self-development, new ways to improve knowledge and skills
● you will recognize those strategies and mechanisms that are needed to apply in the decision-making stage
● you will be able to forecast your probable behavior in conflict situations and will be able to find ways to overcome those situations
● you will build more effective relations with your subordinates and team members

The above-mentioned skillset and more extensive competence that you acquire will serve as a guarantee for future success be it the relationship with your team, coworkers or friends.
If you want to discover yourself and delve into deep learning of your outlook, develop the 3 main types of intellect, as well as understand your companion and enhance the communication efficiency, Enneagram is the thing you have been looking for.

Enneagram is currently one of the most effective tools of self-perception, personal progress and coaching. It is used in business, education, psychotherapy and many other fields.

By applying Enneagram our specialists will help you

● to understand 9 types of personalities, the behavior of each personality in certain situations
● to discover your personality
● to understand others' motivation when taking a certain action

What will you gain?

● Improved communication in personal and business relationships
● Professional and personal growth
● New skills and specific 'tool' for working with people
● The ability to show an individual approach to everyone
● The strategies to prevent the actions causing undesirable consequences.

Enneagram is a multi-profile and deep tool. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions and assist you all the way through in the literate and efficient use of this tool.

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