A successful business is the result of deep learning and long-term efforts. Having studied the concepts and experience of the best business schools Alvarium develops and adapts a rich toolbox of multiple approaches meeting current business requirements. Applying the latter will contribute to the ultimate realization of your business potential.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you in any stage of development and promotion of your business.
Business profiling
Enneagram in business
Business Plan / Model Development
Team Capacity Building
Strategic planning
International Marketing
Business profiling
The influence of people in key job positions is increasing in parallel with a company's progress. The right or wrong choice of leaders may either conduce to the development of the company or make the company face hardship.

Due to our service of Business Profiling, you will manage to choose the right people to be appointed in key positions of your company whose work potential will be ultimately efficient for the selected position. The service will be useful for recruiting new employees as well as better recognizing the individuals who are already your colleagues.

Both professional and psychological qualities are important when hiring employees. So, if you have already selected candidates with the appropriate professional skillset, we will then carefully analyze their personal qualities by providing a sufficient base for making the final choice.

The process of Business Profiling is carried out in the following stages:

● Video recording interview – Our specialists conduct an interview for about an hour. The candidate is being asked questions aimed at revealing his/her personal qualities. The video recording of the interview is carried out only upon the consent of the person.
● Analysis – Based on the information collected from the interview we analyze the candidate's general characteristics; his/her main values and criteria, basic emotions and beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, the person's motivation, the principles of setting goals and making decisions, the tendency of taking risks, loyalty, etc.
● Report – The report, based on the analysis of the interview is made and provided to the customer, which includes our observation and recommendation package for creating an appropriate environment for that person's motivation, management, as well as for his/her self-realization.

Based on this report you will manage to make the right decisions and select the best candidates.
Interested what this report will look like? Feel free to submit a request using the form below and we will share a sample report with you.
Enneagram in business
One of the main secrets of building a successful and effective team is at the core of the discovery of the members' deep motivation incentives. Enneagram is a leading tool in this respect – one of the most effective ways to understand your companions.

Enneagram is used for self-knowledge, coaching and personal development. It contributes to effective team building, negotiating successfully, and creating a healthy working environment with the maximum engagement of employees.

Applying Enneagram with the help of our specialists you will manage

● to build successful teams
● to get to know your team as integrity and their temperaments
● to study thoroughly the strengths and opportunities of the team
● to understand the expectations of your team members and keep valuable employees involved
● to recognize conflict situations and take actions for their management
● to contribute to the maximal realization of the team's potential through self-discovery of the members
● to create a healthy working environment
● to give and receive effective feedback.

By applying Enneagram in business, the positive result is not long in coming. This tool will surprisingly and quickly change team-mates' attitude towards work and towards each other by contributing to considerable improvement of both personal and business relationships.
Business Plan / Model Development
If the business idea is your business card to introduce yourself to the business environment, then the business plan is the passport and its literate structure will define your further rise or refusal in the market.

If you have already found the field where you would like to fulfil your ideas or you have managed to take a certain position there, then you must accept challenges of the market, think about establishing yourself in the sphere, providing sustainable development and increasing the scope of your company.

In this case, Business Plan is one of your primary needs.

Our specialists will help you to develop your Business Plan by implementing the following

market analysis
sourcing out the descriptions of products and services and competitive advantages
strategy development to achieve the desired goal
reveal the potential risks
develop a business structure and management direction
presentation of sales strategy, product proposal according to consumers' requirements, its presentation to the market, price setting, managing advertising campaigns and other necessary events to promote sales
evaluation and effective allocation of financial resources, cost optimization, the discovery of new opportunities.

Our service of Business Plans / Models Development is designed both for startups and existing companies.
Team Capacity Building
The high-performance team is competitive, quick and innovative. Both professionalism and interpersonal relationships are on the high level in this team and the product is leading in the market.

If you want to enhance your team's performance, then we are ready to help you

● to identify the needs of the team at the level of technical and communication skills
● to clearly define the goals of the team
● to elaborate a development strategy based on the team's needs
● to turn the acquired knowledge into a skillset by applying interactive methods; games, workshops, etc.
● to evaluate the recorded results of the teams.

Using our service of the team capacity development your team will learn

● to provide knowledgeable and objective feedback
● to be open and transparent
● to find the most beneficial solution in conflict situations
● to appreciate not to seek to apportion blame
● to work towards developing professional skills
● to make proper budget estimates
● to support the growth of team-mates and new employees.

By developing its abilities your team will be able to make important team decisions, thus saving both your time and reducing the error risk. You will have a confident and high-performing team confident about their victory, the competitiveness and cutting-edge product they develop.
Strategic planning
The business reaches the desired threshold if it is designed properly and the set of intentions and actions of the ''strategic plan'' are implemented competently. This program reflects the mission and goals of the business and indicates ways to reach them.

Despite its importance, strategic plans are often non-realistic, they are full of complicated charts and tables and do not serve their purpose.

We are ready to help you to develop the strategy of your business in a way it will

● be clear to understand for your employees and colleagues
● set real expectations
● clearly define your company's values, goals, vision, strengths and weaknesses
● evaluate the market and competitors
● evaluate the human and financial resources of your company.

The strategy is unique and distinctive for each company.

Designing it with the help of our specialists together we will bring it to the state-of-art level and together we will have tangible results in defining and achieving the goals of your company.

Strategy development undergoes in 4 main directions

● Business strategy
● Human resources management
● Operational management
● Marketing
International Marketing
International Marketing supposes the expansion of business boundaries not only in geographical but also in cultural and political spheres.

For successful implementation of the International Marketing, you must properly overcome its challenges; environmental factors, approaches of government, the legal system, social and cultural characteristics, consumers' attitude of a certain country, etc.

If it's high time to start International Marketing our specialists are here to help you

● to understand if your business has consumed the opportunities of the local market and needs to export
● to understand to which markets you should penetrate
● to estimate the real potential of your business and the range of goods/services according to the selected markets
● to develop the international marketing strategy which will reflect all the steps of entering the target market
● to develop the international marketing plan.

Great efforts are needed to properly accomplish International Marketing. Your marketing plan should be strong enough to be ready to resist even such unpredictable factors as political developments, amendments to the legislation, competition, etc.
Branding is a promise and entrusting it, the customer establishes an emotional tie with your business. Your branding defines your business reputation, product price and your buyer type.

Your product is placed among different brands representing the same product. Product name, logo, slogan, design and a number of other factors convince the buyer that your product best matches his needs and he makes the purchase. If your promise meets your buyer's expectations he will become your permanent customer, otherwise, your reputation will be damaged.

If you're thinking of unique and well-designed branding, we are ready to help you to develop

● brand concept
● brand definition – objective, values, promise
● your brand identity according to the developed concept and definition (name, logo, color combinations, shades and other visual materials)
● promotion strategy
● promotion plan
● product and packaging design
● customer service policy
● pricing policy

Branding is directly connected with customer's subconscious therefore it requires great caution and business-psychological approach. Through our professional skills your company will gain not only a unique reputation, but also customers' trust.
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