Once your spacecraft overcomes the gravity, the infinite space of possibilities, success, and growth will open before you. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to launch! The next stop is Success!
Creative agency
Nongravity: Creative agency
Branding/Social Media Marketing/Website design/Motion Design

Being successful in this world of a highly competitive market is not just about luck. It all starts with a well-thought-out business concept that later makes every nut and bolt of the "machine" work smoothly.

Moreover, to make everything work and get you to the success point, you need an experienced and skilled guide that will lead your ship through all the obstacles.
NonGravity can become your guide and key to success. The fast-developing company of branding and social media marketing has all the tools and skills in its arsenal to arm your team with the necessary skillset and strategies used in the modern business world.Why NonGravity? The market with its endless opportunities and potential is similar to space. However, to reach that place of prosperity and limitless development, one needs to overcome gravity first.

Overcoming gravity is the tipping point in every single business success story that changes everything. Will you be able to pass that mark? That depends on many factors - your product, team, market strategy, branding, and others.
We will help you to launch your product as a spacecraft to space by building your success orbit with the most innovative tools and creative solutions. Our goal is to get rid of outdated business strategies that work as the gravitational force keeping you in place.
Why are we capable of making
you succeed in this
We cooperate with "observatories" in place -market-related data and information.
Experience-based knowledge as we have already successfully launched many spacecraft and you can see them shining in the space like stars.
We have a team of passionate experts who will not only help you launch but stay with you and maintain your successful journey beyond the gravitation. The game is different there and we know the rules.
What exactly are we offering you for a successful
launch of your spacecraft
Logo, identity, idea and storytelling creation, and development, packaging design
Website design
Ui/Ux and creation
Social media presence, online product promotion, target advertising
Motion Design
Animated video production
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