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Case Study of "Telecom Armenia" | Successful cooperation with "Skillsoft Armenia"


Operating under the brand Beeline, Telecom Armenia is historically the first telecommunication Operator in Armenia. The company constantly improves, providing the users with innovative mobile and fixed telecommunication and IT solutions meeting the world standards.
Business Challenge

Telecom Armenia is holding the leading position supporting and encouraging technologies and startup ecosystems. To facilitate the growth of the digital community in Armenia, meet the customer needs, and always be on the top, the company is constantly exploring new ways for employees' continuous learning and improving their skills.

To accommodate the growing demand for new technological solutions and specialists supporting those innovations, Telecom Armenia needed to update corporate learning culture with more flexible solutions accessible for the employees whenever and wherever required.

Among top priority challenges for the company was building a corporate learning environment targeting IT, technology, and leadership skills, giving employees the freedom to determine goals and draw the path to achieve them.

How Skillsoft Helped

Telecom Armenia deployed Skillsoft's intelligent learning platform providing employees with full access to all learning material. In its turn, Skillsoft delivered curated channels for Telecom Armenia, addressing both organization’s and employee’s needs.

The implementation of multimodal solutions yield significant results in the organization's workflow targeting internal and external communication operations. Upon completion of training courses, Telecom Armenia reported positive dynamics in reducing training costs, simultaneously increasing productivity. The platform's capabilities were used to monitor the progress and qualification of employees and adapt acquired knowledge in real business environment.