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Alvarium Ecosystem - Work for a Good Cause

The most convertible currency is education, the most valuable property is the idea, the most important is achievement: find yourself. All these factors stimulate both development of a separate personality and of a company and even of the country on the whole.

All these interconnected aspects complement each other, create an ideally functioning mechanism, a whole ecosystem which can be compared with an alveary: an example of productive and useful work which gives not only joy with its result but is also an example of good organization and mutual aid. Ruzanna Martirosyan, Karen Vardanyan, Gohar Gabuzyan - these devotees founded such an ecosystem which brings lots of useful honey to every cell of our society and named the founded company again Alvarium which means “an alveary” when translated from Latin.

They got together 5 years ago and started creating the same alveary in which now the honey of success of many people is gathered and those are the people who found themselves, believed in themselves, who received a piece of timely and useful advice and information. They work not only with different single people but also with companies and even with the whole regions of Armenia. Every year they gather the information from the whole world, adapt it according to the conditions of our reality, share the obtained knowledge, organize various training courses, invite interesting speakers and trainers, hold consultations, analysis, evaluation and planify. Among the invited speakers and specialists there are such names as Maksim Potashev, Aleksey Filatov, Vladimir Tarasov, Arthur Martirosyan, Jack Makani, Egor and Irina Karopas, Aleksander Levitas, Catherine Bogina are, and the list can be continued. And there are so many planned to be invited.

The topics of training courses are various: customer focus, business visualization, enneagram, tools of influence, techniques of decision making, quick marketing, conduct of negotiations by Harvard method and many others. With the help of such instruments like enneagram, profiling, etc., the team of Alvarium contributes to introduction of psychotechnology into the development of business environment in Armenia. Among the variety of projects since 2016 Alvarium started a new project called Eventarium. It is some kind of educational tourism which consists of several stages.The first one is organization of intensive training courses and seminars both for locals and foreign participants who make the overwhelming majority of groups. These training courses and seminars are held through the year away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city in the lap of nature and in such places as Aghveran, Dilijan, etc. are. Here under the tactful guidance of professional instructors and invited speakers and trainers they receive knowledge and experience for twenty days which will bring big outcome in life. And after the work programme and intensive work the time of the second stage comes when the guests have an opportunity to get acquainted with the sightseeing attractions of Armenia, its historical and cultural heritage, as well as cuisine and traditions. With the help of its partners Alvarium creates the list of recommendations for visits, develops the programme which includes introductory tours not only to Yerevan but also to the most remote corners of Armenia. In this way the team helps not only to get new knowledge which is their primary activity but also provides an opportunity to get to know Armenia, fall in love with it, contributes to development of tourism and it is already their elan.From year to year the number of such tourists who come to get knowledge and sightseeing grows more and more there are such ones who return again because they stick to our country with soul. More than 350 foreigners have already participated in the programmes of Alvarium. This year they are planning to receive around 200 guests from all over the world. The first group of participants from America, Europe, Balkan states and Russia will come in June, and the second one – in September so they could participate in the intensive course, coaching, enneagram, and training courses. As well as in the intercultural exchange experience. This year among the invited trainers and speakers there will be Russ Hudson, Arthur Martirosyan and others. In this way one project includes educational tourism, gastro-tourism and a cultural and historical introductory tour. From here the participants take with them not only knowledge but also our warmth, joy from our hospitality and good mood.