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How to enter into selected market(s) (International marketing plan)
Export: Targeting Developed Markets
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Yerevan, Армения
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With the growth of the business a momentum happens when need of going into the international market and/or explore new ones emerges. There are many attractions in there: bigger sales volumes, higher price, lower risk of dependency on one market, etc.

These perspectives are really attractive, but when it comes to implementation number of questions and issues arise, which hasn' t been taken into consideration before. And these issues cause significant loss of resources and efforts.

Export itself is a process which requires serious preparatory activities, but before starting these activities you need to reply to the following questions;

● Is your business ready for export?
● If yes, then which market(s) you need to enter?
● How to enter into selected market(s) (International marketing plan)?

Replies for these questions are crucial when you target developed markets, which at least; ՝

● have clear and strict requirements,
● are well established,
● are very competitive.

But real opportunities of high price and big volumes are in this kind of market.
A lot of people talk about entering into this kind of market, they talk about WHAT is need to be done, but very few have the practical knowledge and skills of doing HOW.

These two-days training, developed by international experts who have extensive experience in export promotion from developing countries into developed countries, will give you practical knowledges and skills with which you can formulate the reply of HOW by your own.

Who is the training for?

● Decision-maker representatives or employees, who can influence on decision making of exporting companies or companies who plan to go for export,
● export/international marketing consultants.

What the training will give you?

● universal knowledge and tools by utilizing which will allow you;
● to make a JUSTIFIED export decision on your own,
● decide the international market(s) most suitable for your products/services,
● develop an international marketing plan.