Thinking Strategically
Learn how to incorporate strategic thinking into your leadership skillset.
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A strategic thinker is a person who anticipates, prepares, and puts him/herself or the organization in the position to exploit future opportunities or avoid future threats.

How can you be a more strategic thinker?

Strategic thinkers continually ask questions to help create the bridge between strategy and tactics and to think strategically to move the business forward.

Learn how to incorporate strategic thinking into your leadership skillset.

Arlvarium`s Strategic Thinking Workshop and learning programs will help you and organizations find the balance between today's expectations and tomorrow's opportunities. Effective strategic thinking training focuses on teaching participants to be more observant and adaptable in their individual areas of responsibility. People will be able to pinpoint specific initiatives they can lead to adding distinctive value and competitive advantage.

Who should attend?

If you are a manager, director or leader who needs strategic thinking skills to gain better business insights and identify trends that can contribute to a more successful business strategy, this program is right for you.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this program, you will grow your strategic thinking skills & competencies and be able to:

● Explore ways to challenge your assumptions and view your business in a new light
● Learn and apply different thinking methods to avoid groupthink
● Control reactive fixes to problems even in an uncertain business environment
● Generate new ideas and evaluate future scenarios before your competitors do
● Know when to embrace necessary risk, even if resources and information are limited
● Learn to create better short-term goals that support long-term strategy

During the program you will:

● Network and learn with a diverse group of peers from different industries
● Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
● Learn and practice new skills using real-business-world examples and exercises over 2 interactive days
0010, 15 Movses Khorenatsi Street,
Yerevan, Armenia
October 16-17, 2021
Standard price – 50.000 AMD
Until 20th September - 45.000 AMD
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