How to make your first $100,000 by teaching on Udemy
Learn how to create bestselling courses on Udemy from zero to advance. The master class is led by one of the top experts in digital marketing, Pouya Eti.
Udemy is a powerful learning platform with thousands of online courses. Students have a chance to find courses on trending topics, learn and practice online. At the same time, instructors and entrepreneurs find Udemy as a broad marketplace to share knowledge and expertise from around the world. With efficient and on-demand learning material it is possible to gain hundreds of students for a course and earn money.
This master class will tell you about the techniques and strategies of building a productive course on Udemy, such as:
Selecting the right course topic
Editing the course
Planning & timelines
Landing page
Recording the course
And for sure! - The Course promotion
By the end of the master class,
you will understand how to:
Create an online course and make money
Strategies to build, record & edit video lectures
Build marketing strategies for your course to increase sales
Author & Entrepreneur, Digital Instagram Marketer
The instructor of the course is Pouya Eti, Author & Entrepreneur, Digital Instagram Marketer.

Pouya Eti, a Digital Marketing expert has shared his knowledge and expertise with more than 250.000 students throughout his experience as an instructor. The course includes all the top trends and strategies on Digital Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, and much more. Follow the link to find out more information.
IBIS Yerevan centre
15.000 AMD
June 30

If you want to make your content valuable and unique on the platform, this course is for you.

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